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Originally published in Queue vol. 8, no. 9
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Ulan Degenbaev, Jochen Eisinger, Manfred Ernst, Ross McIlroy, Hannes Payer - Idle-Time Garbage-Collection Scheduling
Taking advantage of idleness to reduce dropped frames and memory consumption

Neil Gunther, Paul Puglia, Kristofer Tomasette - Hadoop Superlinear Scalability
The perpetual motion of parallel performance

Robert Sproull, Jim Waldo - The API Performance Contract
How can the expected interactions between caller and implementation be guaranteed?

Patrick Meenan - How Fast is Your Web Site?
Web site performance data has never been more readily available.


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Kurt Graustein | Tue, 23 Sep 2014 01:07:50 UTC

Srinath, Cary's reference #5 is most likely what you are looking for. Learn more about Neil Gunther's "Universal Scalability Model" in his book "Guerrilla Capacity Planning". Kurt

Srinath Perera | Tue, 23 Oct 2012 04:49:48 UTC

Hi Cary,

Great article. Do you think it is practical/ possible the performance of a server via a equation? It will not be perfect, but still will help us to understand what it does. For example, I tried to draw the performance graph's some time bach throughput vs. concurrency and latency vs. concurrency Potentially, one can try to match a mathematical formula to the figure.


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