Rethinking Passwords

Our authentication system is lacking. Is improvement possible?


There is an authentication plague upon the land. We have to claim and assert our identity repeatedly to a host of authentication trolls, each jealously guarding an Internet service of some sort. Each troll has specific rules for passwords, and the rules vary widely and incomprehensibly.

Password length requirements vary: Dartmouth wants exactly eight characters; my broker, six to eight; Wells Fargo, eight or more. Special characters are often encouraged or required, but some characters are too special: many disallow spaces, single or double quotes, underlines, or hyphens. Some systems disallow certain characters at the beginning of the password; dictionary checks abound, including foreign language dictionaries.

Rethinking Passwords



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Building Secure Web Applications

LinkedIn Password Leak: Salt Their Hide


LinkedIn Password Leak: Salt Their Hide

If it does not take a full second to calculate the password hash, it is too weak.


6.5 million unsalted SHA1 hashed LinkedIn passwords have appeared in the criminal underground. There are two words in that sentence that should cause LinkedIn no end of concern: “unsalted” and “SHA1.”