Queue Portrait #5: Hilary Mason

Queue Portrait #5: Hilary Mason

Bitly’s Chief Data Scientist, Hilary Mason, describes what data science is and how to build systems that make doing data science possible.

Chief Data Scientist at Bitly, Hilary Mason, discusses the current state of data science.


Queue Portrait: Nicholas Zakas

Queue Portrait #4: Nicholas Zakas

In this video interview conducted by Kate Matsudaira, Nicholas Zakas discusses the current state of front end engineering and Web development.


Front end engineering and web development used to be scoffed at by back-end engineers. However, working in the front end of a Web application is so much more than just HTML and CSS these days. Many Web applications can have a whole MVC inside the view, and understanding the client is paramount to delivering expected performance and app-like interaction. Nicholas Zakas takes us through his journey working on the client side, explains the evolution of front-end engineering, and answers questions like “when should you use jQuery?” Nicholas currently works at Box, and was previously the front-end tech lead for the Yahoo! homepage and a contributor to the YUI library. He is also a keynote speaker, and author of 4 books: Maintainable JavaScript, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, High Performance JavaScript, and Professional Ajax.

Queue Video Portrait: Ang Cui

Ang Cui is a Ph.D. student at Columbia University in New York City. His research focuses on embedded devices such as routers, printers and VOIP phones. He is the inventor of a novel, host-based defense mechanism known as Symbiotes. Symbiotes are designed specifically to retrofit black-box, vulnerable, legacy embedded systems with sophisticated anti-exploitation mechanisms. In this video portrait, Ang describes how the extent of the embedded threat in real-world environments, discusses novel exploitation techniques for embedded systems–like enterprise networking equipment–and develops practical defenses for embedded systems that constitute our global communication substrate.


Ang Cui


Queue Portrait: Ang Cui


Queue Portrait: Video Interview with Robert Watson

Robert Watson

Robert Watson is a security researcher and open source developer at the University of Cambridge looking at the hardware-software interface. He talks to us about spanning industry and academia, the importance of open source in software research, and challenges facing research that spans traditional boundaries in computer science. We also learn a bit about CPU security, and why applications, rather than operating systems, are increasingly the focus of security research. What are the challenges in the evolving hardware-software interface? Could open source hardware provide a platform for hardware-software research? And why is current hardware part of the problem? George Neville-Neil, Queue’s Kode Vicious, interviews Robert to learn about an exciting computer science research project at Cambridge.